Special Limited Offer

Are you currently trying to build your fan base? Have you been wondering about how the fans might feel about one of your songs? Like, how people “Really” feel (good or bad) about it without trying to be nice, just to make you feel good? Would you feel some degree of satisfaction knowing how people feel about your music before you spend a lot of money on studios, videos & advertisement? How would you like to find out or know the fans’ reaction to your music starting today!!?

We are currently offering music artists the chance to receive a FREE Song Reaktor to get reaction to their music! That’s right! For a limited time during our beta test, the first 50 artists can use Song Reaktor for FREE – a $20 value!! And that’s not all. Receive $10 for answering a quick survey and leaving a short video testimonial!

What feedback will you receive when you use a Song Reaktor? You will receive feedback in the form of percentages in these following areas!

  • What percentage of the fans “Like” your song?
  • What percentage of the fans would “Stream” your song?
  • What percentage of the fans would “Share” your song?

Once you receive your reaktor, you can post it on your social media, text and email it to your contact list, add it to your YouTube and Sound Cloud pages! Wherever you feel your listeners may be! (*NOTE: Available for YouTube and Sound Cloud links only!)

After 10 reaktions to your song, we’ll send you a brief questionnaire and the link to send your video testimonial!

Hurry while this sale last!

Sale ends Midnight, Saturday November 23rd!

Click here: Free Reaktor