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Episode 3 – STAR POWER


Get into the frame of mind that the stars are in. When you reach a point where your lack of success hurts so much that it becomes your number one driving point, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. That’s because everyday you’re going to do something to relieve that pain and it won’t be relieved by eating, by jogging, by reading, et. The only thing that will relieve it is being successful. That means having a song that everybody is loving, getting ovations after performing on stage, being asked where can they get a copy of it, being asked to do features more and more often. Trust me. Anything your mind sets on doing with enough passion and persistence it will accomplish. History is your proof!

Any one of your favorite rappers has been in the shoes that you are now in. They didn’t recognize loosing. To them it was just another test they must pass in order to get the final result that they were looking for. Your music is the test. The audience is the teacher. Did you pass? Well we all know what to do when we don’t pass a test that we know we can pass. We go back and study. We go back and prepare. We research. We find those who have passed the test and ask them questions to prepare ourselves to retake the test!

The star power in you won’t even entertain a conversation with someone who isn’t helping you get you to the next level of success. You have no time for it. It’s not that you’re being rude. It’s just that you’ve got a burning desire to rap and be creative that they can’t satisfy and don’t have the desire to satisfy. So your mind says “So why am I talking to you?” Becoming a star and having millions of dollars is a test. A big test. But none the less a test, so the same principles come in to play. Study. Ask questions. Buy a book on the subject and read it. Find someone who has passed the test and do your research before you begin writing your next song!

Here’s the standard to go by to know if you’re writing the right song. All Stars will tell you…If it’s not going to be “Amazing” or “Undeniable” why even make it? Take that with you to your creative space and I guarantee you’ll have better results because the burning desire for your goal won’t allow anything less!

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  1. Make your music amazing for the fans!

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